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Review №1

Michael, the main CPA of San Diego CPA is a very dedicated professional. He works with utmost sincerity. The work delivered by him is free from any flaw. There is not even a single mistake that you can point out in his work. He is the best CPA consultant and has immense knowledge of 1041 Tax Preparation.

Review №2

Our company was shelling out several thousand extras in business tax. That is when we decided to consult a professional small business tax expert. San Diego CPA helped us with CPA consulting and ensured that our taxes were paid on time without incurring additional charges. Their services were quick, prompt and extremely affordable.

Review №3

We were extremely impressed by San Diego CPA as they handled our small business tax preparation flawlessly. Their services were loophole-free and they ensured the paperwork was completed well before the due date. We will particularly mention Micheal and appreciate him for his professionalism and expertise.

Review №4

If you need someone to help you in 1041 Tax Preparation, then Michael is the best option for this. He is friendly and professional at the same time. He delivers the best quality work and is an expert in his zone. He is truly the best CPA consultant.

Review №5

When I established small businesses, I was muddled with the taxation part. That is when I went to San Diego CPA to take help for small business tax preparation and since then every experience with them has been remarkable. In every encounter, San Diego CPA has shown me that customer service, professionalism, and knowledge does exist in this field. They helped me to flourish in my business..

Review №6

We needed some sound advice on the investments we were about to make. That's when we met Michael from San Diego CPA. He guided us from the beginning to the end and help us make the best decisions. We will highly recommend Michael for Estate CPA and business tax preparation.

Review №7

We needed a solid tax planning strategy for our business and decided to choose San Diego CPA for CPA consulting. The team didn’t just address our requirements but also went beyond our expectations in delivering quick and professional taxation services. We will recommend them for every type of small business CPA.

Review №8

Since our company wasn’t familiar with the tax laws of the area, we decided to contact a CPA consultant. Michael from San Diego CPA helped us with the job and made sure our doubts and queries were duly addressed. He helped us file our taxes immediately and we will recommend him for all kinds of small business tax preparation. His expertise and promptness are highly lauded.

Review №9

I was stuck with my company’s tax preparation. This is when San Diego CPA came for my rescue. Michael has truly done an incredible job in business tax preparation for my Company. Without any reservations or regrets, I would recommend San Diego CPA to anyone that asked.

Review №10

Earlier, I was reluctant to go to San Diego CPA for the business tax preparation but upon my friend’s recommendation, I went there and now I have only good things to say about them. Michael was our CPA consultant and he is a professional, fast, accurate and often finds ways to save on our taxes we were unaware of. I would recommend San Diego CPA.

Review №11

I was not accustomed to Estate CPA so I decided to take help from a CPA consultant and that was the best decision I have ever taken. Michael of San Diego CPA provided me with great advice and his constant support has been invaluable for me. Whenever I need any advice on Estate CPA, I often call Michael to take his advice.

Review №12

Reliable, dependable and excellent customer service skills are the trademarks of San Diego CPA. Michael is incredibly knowledgeable in small business tax preparation and 1041 Tax Preparation and I've never come to him with a problem and left without a solution. He is constantly catering to the needs of his clients.

Review №13

Since we hadn’t been through a high-level taxation audit, we decided to take help from a professional agency. San Diego CPA did their job and helped us file our taxes and prepare for the audit within the recommended time. You can get in touch with them for CPA consulting of all kinds.

Review №14

We contacted Michael for our small business CPA taxation project, and he left us impressed with his quick and highly professional services. He will handle small business tax preparation with great efficiency and his services are highly recommended.

Review №15

If you want help with Estate CPA, San Diego CPA is one of the best companies. Michael, from this organization, helped us with Trust Taxes CPA and made sure our requirements were met. His services were extremely prompt and professional.

Review №16

Michael and San Diego CPA are the best CPA consultants for Estate CPA. Michael is available by phone all the time, gets back to us quickly, and we have never had a problem with anything that he has done for us. I will recommend him for every type of Estate CPA.

Review №17

I wanted quick and proper processing of our small business’ tax documents. Luckily, San Diego CPA helped with the job. The company offers the best small business tax help and you can always rely on them for every type of small business tax preparation.

Review №18

My company was in need of a CPA consultant who could assist us in our business tax preparation. Michael did an excellent job and explained to us the whole things as we hadn’t filed taxes earlier.

Review №19

As certified public accountants, these guys have simply gone beyond and above their work. What sets them apart from the competition is their genuine care to help clients and great attention to detail. I needed a CPA firm to do my estate taxes, and I can tell you these guys didn’t disappoint. Thanks for the great work, chaps.

Review №20

A fast turnaround time! I got all the CPA help from them without so much trouble and hassle. I needed help for my business tax preparation and trust tax return schedules. They definitely match what I am looking for and I like how their certified public accountant is very nice and helpful.

Review №21

I’ve never been good with numbers so I was relieved when Michael took the time to explain everything thoroughly and dumb it down for me. He was helpful in identifying all of my prior mistakes and gave me really great tips on deductions and credits. Not only were my taxes prepared quickly, he was also able to get me a refund for a return I screwed up the year before using TurboTax.

Review №22

I was kinda worried that I wouldn't find anyone to prepare my tax returns on short notice but thank God I found these guys. The best part was how much in rebates they got me, I didn't even know that some of these credits existed. I promise to bring in my receipts earlier next time, maybe they'll find even more ways to save me some hard earned cash.

Review №23

We used San Diego CPA to solve our family estate tax issues and there are a few things I can say about them. First, they are prompt. The moment we handed them our case, they sent someone to check all our files. Second, they are very reliable. We needed to get our tax issues sorted out in a month yet they actually dealt with the matter in just two weeks. Lastly, they are very affordable. No one can complain about their charges owing to the quality of their services. I highly recommend their services

Review №24

The people of San Diego don't know what a treasure they have in a firm with as much integrity as this one. My previous accountant would take advantage of me and my dyslexia, resulting in very high fees because I couldn't read their statements. Please use these guys service, they are very honest and won't steal from you.

Review №25

I just moved from Pennsylvania and I had quite complex tax returns in June 2017. This CPA Firm saved the day by ensuring that my taxes were completed in one day. The best part is that they did everything over the mail. I plan to use them for my business tax preparation.

Review №26

I'm a freelancer and every time tax season rolls around it gives me a major headache --- I’m super unorganized and can never keep track of all my 1099s and expenses. The past two times I’ve tried to use TurboTax, I’ve epically failed and ended up having to fork over what felt like a fortune to the IRS. I finally heard about San Diego CPA from a friend of a friend and figured I might as well give them a try.

Review №27

I had a great experience with this firm. They are very quick and accurate. They are very responsive and helpful for my e-commerce small business tax return and I got all the CPA help that I need from them. I highly recommend them for small business financial consulting, or whatever business tax preparation you need.

Review №28

The hotel industry is hard to manage. When dealing in a busy place like San Diego downtown, you have got no time to think about your tax reports. We have handed our entire business taxation work to the guys at San Diego CPA. These guys are experts in estate CPA as well as tax preparation. Keep up the good work

Review №29

San Diego CPA team is the best team i have ever seen. I was looking for a smart guy who can manage my business.Finally i found Michael and his team. He helped me within a short time and managed my business. I love them most because they are so responsive to request. He also handled all my tax preparation. Thanks to them for their wonderful work.

Review №30

I've spent the last two years trying to find a CPA who would set up my hedge fund at a low cost and I've finally found a genuine one. I can now focus on managing my portfolio rather than spending sleepless nights trying to figure out what taxes an LLC pays. Good work.

Review №31

How come I never heard of this firm before? I highly recommend them with their quality CPA services and certified public accountants. I had a great experience with them and they have quick turnaround time. I will definitely count on them for more of my tax planning in the future

Review №32

Ali did my taxes last year. Very meticulous and thorough. Even reviewed my last two years return which were not originally done by him and caught errors. He is a premium full service accountant in san diego.

Review №33

I sleep better knowing that my LLC taxes are done accurately, all thanks to this CPA firm. I’ve got all the CPA help that I need for my tax planning. They also have my back when I have any questions or I need some audit. 5 stars for them!

Review №34

If you have a tax problem these are the people to see! They’re very ethical, professional and quick to answers any and all questions. They are a little on the expensive side, but when you’re dealing with the IRS you never want to risk your money or you future by cheaping out on representation.

Review №35

Michael is very knowledgeable and professional in CPA business. They are very responsive, proactive and really a pleasure to deal with. A lot of thanks for your extremely high-quality services. They handled all my tax preparation needs perfectly. Highly recommendable.

Review №36

I own a little event. excellent experience subsequent to Michael and his team.Thanks a lot you 'San Diego CPA' team! I couldn't have over and ended in the middle of it without you!It feels absolutely amazing!Sell my issue I'll very meet the expense of advice Michael and his team.Because He handled the entire portion of my tax preparation needs perfectly.

Review №37

What are you looking for someone who in realism cares just about the appearance you?'San Diego CPA' team is impressive to fighting out-talent then due to the fact they make speedily-disposed you apprehend succession achievement; they profit beatific partners of no longer be of the same mind you to just make known their phrase for it.They pick to make locate not guilty your accounting desires are met for that footnote you can be profitable behind your influence tax. They are in fact specialists in tax preparation.Sell your business now! I'll deeply pay for advice Michael and his team. They truly to the profit going occurring for you a lot following your tax and have an effect approaching accumulation taking place stuff.His facilities are the intensely high manner. He handled each and every one quantity your tax preparation needs perfectly.

Review №38

If you are looking for someone who really cares to help you sell your business I will HIGHLY recommend Michael and his team. He really helped me a lot with my tax and business growth stuff. His services are very high quality. He handled all my tax preparation needs perfectly. 5 stars !!

Review №39

Our family house has been unoccupied for several years now. Last year, we decided to sell the house and share the profits. When we approached a real estate broker, we were asked to provide some tax reports and we had nothing to show. When we visited the San Diego CPA for help. It only took us two weeks to get all the paperwork done. I believe these guys are just the greatest tax CPA, especially in Estate CPA.

Review №40

Excellent experience. They are the best in CPA business. They managed my business extremely well. Michael is very knowledgeable about the current tax and accounting laws. Highly recommendable. Thank you !!

Review №41

Wonderful experience. With Michael's help we were able to improve our business a lot. Michael is super smart and very knowledgeable in this business. He care a lot about his profession. I highly recommend Michael and his team. 5 stars !!

Review №42

I have been managing my late father's estate for five years now. I have relied upon the services of San Diego CPA for filling my tax returns. When the estate was handed to my management, I had no idea that properties in San Diego had tax obligations. I have managed to file all taxes up to the current date and I keep track of all developments on the Estate through Sandiego CPA. This team has the best minds to deal with Estate CPA.

Review №43

We are a Real Estate agency and manage several properties within SanDiego. We have plenty of Estate CPA work. We are glad to say that the guys at San Diego CPA handle everything well. We are always sure when we refer a case to them. They are definitely among the best we have dealt with in southern California. Thanks for the good work.

Review №44

The offer we made to the IRS is nothing compared to what I used to owe. They really went the extra mile dealing with my case which means a lot to someone like me who doesn’t have a lot of disposable income if any.

Review №45

If you’re looking for an organized, affordable and efficient way to settle your debt, then San Diego CPA can help you out. They offer very professional service and were extremely helpful answering all of my questions.---Ryan L.

Review №46

It has been 10 years since I started receiving trust fund benefits and I have never had to file my taxes on a single day. My main guy is Steve Lingard of the San Diego CPA. This guy is simply a genius in Trust Taxes. He works his way around and before you know it, you have your refund. Thank you so much. I am always glad to know that you have my back when it comes to my trust tax preparation.

Review №47

San Diego CPA are fantastic to work with due to the fact they make sure you apprehend compliance measures; they do no longer assume you to just take their phrase for it. They prefer to make certain your accounting desires are met so you can be profitable in your business tax. they are really specialists at tax preparation.

Review №48

My family members are all a part of a trust established by our late grandfather. When our grandfather passed away, we were shocked to realize that we had to file taxes on our benefits. Without much knowledge about the subject, we resolved to use expert services. The Sa Diego CPA takes care of all our family trust taxes. I have nothing to worry about even the 1041 tax preparation is taken care of.

Review №49

I wanted to thank CPA heart fully,San Diego CPA is the one of the best service company offering tax preparation and planning, accounting, payroll and consulting services. It has been promoting the help to the world wide nation and is impressive in finding the appearance of talent. It handles the small business taxes, trust taxes, corporate taxes and business consulting matters. Michael is one of the bets member of CPA, he handled all of my tax preparation and helped in my small business activity.

Review №50

****Its a sponsored review****Didn't have the most helpful response when I first called. However, the second time around the guy that answered the phone was very nice so I figured I’d give them a shot.I went in not really expecting much, given that my previous tax attorney pretty much screwed me and ended up costing me even more money. However, San Diego CPA actually came through. I was hoping for any amount of relief but lowering it from $15,000 to just $600 was really impressive.---Rebecca L.

Review №51

San Diego CPA offer a variety of CPA services for business and individuals alike and provides the full range of accounting services, providing all accounting help you or your business requires. Here are more resources Business Taxation, Corporate Tax Planning. Thanks for this good service.

Review №52

Business Consulting saved my business! Small Business Taxes are far more complicated than I anticipated. I know very little about tax laws and was quickly overwhelmed by the amount of paperwork and record keeping required in order for my business to prosper. San Diego CPA was not intimidated by my disorganization at all. All my problems were resolved in a very timely manner and they showed me ways to manage the enormous task with the least amount of stress possible. My business would have failed without them and I highly recommend anyone running their own business to seek their advice.

Review №53

About a year ago, I got sued by a credit card company that was incurred by my ex wife. I found out I was legally liable for it because I had authorized it. It was a credit card from three years prior and it went from $5,000 to $15,000. The creditor was not willing to settle and wanted to put a lien on my business and home. I hired San Diego CPA and they helped settle the debt for half and stopped the harassing calls from the creditors as well.---Karen E.

Review №54

San Diego CPA TEAM is very impressive. Everyone likes its. I would recommend anyone

Review №55

I own a small insurance agency in North County and a good friend of mine (who also happens to be in the same line of work) suggested I look into LED Taxes. I already had a bookkeeper at the time and wasn’t unhappy with her services, but I figured that since my friend has never steered me in the wrong direction when it comes to recommendations, I might as well check out their services and pricing and see if it might be worth switching.The first time I met with Michael [the boss? I think, not sure] I instantly knew I was going to be switching over. He immediately took over my finances and is always hell bent on doing the best possible job he can. It has been extremely refreshing working with him and in the past three months I have not only paid less for my bookkeeping services, but I’ve been able to reduce overhead [aka increase profits]. I would recommend him to anyone that's looking for an intelligent and trustworthy accounting specialist.

Review №56

CPA marketing is when you make people take some action (e g. submit an email, or register an account etc.), and you get paid for that.It’s pretty much the easiest way to make some quick cash online with little to no money to invest.You don’t have to be a guru to do it, neither do you have to run a site, although if you already have a site, you will do better when it comes to CPA networks’ approval.

Review №57

A big thank you to LED Taxes! I couldn’t have done it without you guys! I received my Chapter 7 discharge the other day and I have to say, it feels absolutely amazing! I’m finally able to start thinking about my future instead of worrying about my past. Their accountants are incredibly knowledgeable and walked me through every step of the process, explaining every little detail so I felt safe and secure. If you ever find yourself in the face of bankruptcy, you would be a fool not to call LED Taxes. Period.

Review №58

Best experience, i ever had working with michael and his team.he knows how to handle his job in really efficient manner & he had reallygood knowledge about accounting laws and tax.michael and his team is bestin handaling CPA business .fells so great that i worked with Michael and his SAN DIEGO CPA Group'sstronngly recommendable .thank you !

Review №59

I am a travaler...this year i came to san diego cpa ....there is a very nice place and my friend live here

Review №60

This is really awesome . good customer service

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