Navy Federal Credit Union
20070 Gulf Fwy, Webster, TX 77598, United States
Review №1

I am so glad I found NFCU. I have an account with JSCCU and I am transferring all money to NFCU when I came in I was not use to being treated like a customer instead of an interruption and was treated with courteous, patients and understanding.I give a 5 star rating especiallymeliane

Review №2

I love the service thank you

Review №3

Melanie is amazing! She is the heart and soul of Navy Federals Webster Tx branch. I just hope that the company as a whole realizes what an asset she is to their business! She deserves a raise!She is the only reason my husband and I go to this branch. If it weren’t for her, we would be driving an extra hour.

Review №4

Sat in the drive thru for 30+ min, waiting on a withdrawal. the worst part, there were people being helped in the lane next to me, but they refused to give a reasonable explanation for why my wife and I had to wait. don't know who to blame and unfortunately it doesn't really matter anymore. I'll take the L and begrudgingly use a closer bank to home.

Review №5

Currently I have been sitting in line for over 30 minutes. Its 12 cars in line and they only have one lane open. And this is not the first time this has happened

Review №6

Credit unions are always better than banks as far as customer service. I have been very happy Navy Federal customer service.

Review №7

I absolutely love NFCU and I've been member since 2008. I normally call and have transactions handled by call center customer service. Today I had to travel 3 cities over to visit Webster Branch. I was called by branch rep Lisa Uribe. Because I always am satisfied with service received from NFCU, I thought this would be the same case. NOW I was told prior to visiting that I would need to come in to have my request expedited more quickly therefore my request was doable. However, Bank Rep. Lisa Uribe greeted me nice enough however when she asked me the reason for my visit and then peered into my bank account, I watched in horror as she literally scrutinized it for 30 minutes and interrogated me with questions. This is after AFTER I explained that CALL CENTER REP SENT ME. She amplified her voice to say my remaining balance and direct deposit amount so loud that customers waiting looked up. She had me to sit there all that time and told me in a condescending manner which other financial parties I deal with. How I should send money to my kids and everything else I did not ask or care to know but i thanked her for the information. So when the conversation turned back on subject, (of course she should have the appropriate forms on her desk by now right?) She called someone on the phone and asked a constructive question which hints say no. The answering party on the other line caught on and said no. I wanted the humiliation to end. I thanked her although she was unwilling to help me in the first place and she smiled and told me have a wonderful day despite being unwilling to help me and turned her back. I drove 3 cities back home feeling devalued as a customer, humiliated and embarrassed. I love NFCU but feel that she should be counseled on racial profiling. This entire branch should be because in my experience this is my first time feeling that my business is not wanted. I've made 3 visit reluctantly and this is how I feel after dealing there. I wanted to be sure it wasnt me so I waited outside to ask other African Americans if they feel valued there. 2 said no they do not feel valued. The other said he does not either but one time there was a nice rep he had serve him. Other than that no respect. I would like NFCU to investigate this because in this region, branches are very few. Thank you and I still love NFCU. I am very disappointed in my treatment by her and btw she is Hispanic not caucasian. I love all people but this was the only way to explain this horrible experience. I refer to this location as the TMI Branch. Too much Information they want to see, which has nothing to do with your present transaction request and not willing to apply action just nosey around about your financial status. Lisa Uribe is the only reason NFCU lost one star other than that you cannot go wrong dealing with this bank. I love NFCU.

Review №8

Very helpful, knowledgable, nice, and easy to open an account

Review №9

Love my bank

Review №10

Always helpful, great service included

Review №11

Best service every single time.

Review №12

I had the pleasure of Veronica assiting me at this bank “Great customer service”. Gets you in and out fast.

Review №13

Hands down the best bank I do business with. Glad they now have 4 locations in our area.

Review №14

So glad yall opened 2 locations here. Had NFCU since 2003. Was tired of ATM fees from other banks. Could have switched but NFCU is the best. That whiner Andrea Victoria that left 1 star is a snowflake and I hope she leaves NFCU. Didnt get instant gratification so 1 star. Lame. Go look at her ratings. Tons of 1 stars for selfish reasons. Report her. I did. She should not be a Guide.

Review №15

Best bank ever!! So glad they opened up a branch near me!!! Thank you all at Navy Federal!

Review №16

So glad they open a location in houston moved from northern virginia and they didn't have any branches here.. so glad i did not close my account...the best part that is super close from my house

Review №17

Been with this bank for about 17 years. Very good bank and very good rates on loans.

Review №18

Slow af. 30 minutes to make a cash deposit everytime.

Review №19

Helped me with what I needed. I stopped by after the lady on the phone didn't help me at all and was completely rude.

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4.5 Rating
  • Address:20070 Gulf Fwy, Webster, TX 77598, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 888-842-6328
  • ATM
  • Credit union
  • Bank
  • Mortgage lender
Working hours
  • Monday:9am–5pm
  • Tuesday:9am–5pm
  • Wednesday:9am–5pm
  • Thursday:9am–5pm
  • Friday:9am–5pm
  • Saturday:9am–1pm
  • Sunday:Closed
Service options
  • Drive-through:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible car park:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance:Yes
  • Cash advance:Yes
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