SIU Credit Union
395 N Giant City Rd, Carbondale, IL 62902, United States
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Great place to do banking. Employees have always been very attentive and they truly look forward to your business.

Review №2

I used SIU Credit Union as my local bank when I went to school in Carbondale. Always had great service. Wish I would have kept my account.

Review №3

I financed my car through them and have had the worst experience! If you can finance through anyone but them! They have no empathy for those who are experimenting economic hardships during this pandemic and there practices are literally robbing ppl

Review №4

Every time I try to make a simple saving account deposit I'm in line for over 30 mins. RiDiClOuS!!!!!!

Review №5

I had a loan and an account with this credit union. I took some cash in to deposit and was charged to deposit my own money. I paid off the loan and closed out the account. Now they tell me I have to wait three weeks or longer to get my title. People should pull their money out and put it in a bank. My check cleared four days ago so stop making excuses and send my title

Review №6

Love my credit union. Great customer service, always goes above and beyond. Great APRs

Review №7

Horrible experience with this bank. Rude tellers. Came in and didn’t have the proper paperwork and they denied me understandable! However, when I asked what I needed exactly? They gave attitude and rolled their eyes. Ridiculous.

Review №8

Hold multiple loans through siu. Closing all them out. Dishonest bank. Charge insurance on a loan we had submitted the insurance on. We showed proof of insurance and told us “since it’s all ready been applied we can’t issue it back”. Stacy is a liar, cheater and dishonest. So many other banks worth your money.

Review №9

I held an account with SIUCU for 6 years and didn't have many problems, excpet for the excessive overdraft fees. I asked for overdraft protection to be take off my account and was assured that it was. Then, I took a closer look at my statents and realized they had been holding my checks, not letting the deposit go through (sometimes for 15+ days) until they ran all of the transactions they could in order to charge me overdraft fees. I ended up making a claim with the NCUA, who decided in my favor and ordered them to refund the hundreds in fees and close my account. Suprise: they didn't close it, claimed they didn't get the closure form I sent via certified mail, and tried to charge me hundreds more in fees (they never even took off the overdraft protection). It has taken me the better part of 5 months to get this bank to close my account and give me my money back, and I wouldn't have gotten anything back if I didn't have the NCUA and my lawyer to help me.

Review №10

Has to be the best bank in town to work with. They have me for life.

Review №11

Had great experience with credit unions in past. I chose to go to SIU carbondale east location for a vehicle loan. The loan officer Erica took my info and submitted to underwriters. Called me 30 minutes later with a couple issues I needed to clear up. When I checked into the issues my account was paid off in full and nothing outstanding. Tried to call Erica 4 times throughout the day yesterday and left messages. ERICA never returned one call!!!!! So I lost my deposit on the vehicle I was holding. I waited all morning today to see if Erica would call me back. Why would you want to business with a branch that can not even return your call. Very disappointed with SIUC!!!!

Review №12

This is the best financial institution I have ever seen!

Review №13

SIU Credit Union is so easy to work with. I have had excellent experiences in opening accounts and apply for loans over the last 3 years. Looking forward to doing more business with you.

Review №14

Not sure what the other guy is talking about....I have had an account with them for 19 years. They have always waved fees and have been nothing but polite and helpful. I highly recommend them for your personal and business accounts. They also have competitive loan rates....some of the lowest around.

Review №15

This place is a joke. Applied for a car loan, which took about a week to even tell me I'm approved. It was a another week to come in to sign the papers after having to basically track them down with repeated calls. Came in and signed only to be told I'd have to wait for the titlework to come in to take to the dmv. Ok, now I have a car I can't drive. After calling a few days later, I was told it'd be two or 3 weeks for the title to come in. Wow. Here it is, 3 weeks later and still no word from them. Tried calling and was told my loan officer is 'in training'. Horrible experience with these clowns. I won't call out anyone specific, though. I'd give zero stars if I could but at least they approved me. No rush, guys. Not like I wanna drive my new car or anything. (Sarcasm)

Review №16

Had an account for 3 years, was not happy at all.First, they have no set funds availability. They take a check and hold it for as long as they want, many times inconsistently. I saw this on a number of occasions while I had an account.Secondly, they have no useful customer service on nights or weekends. On a Saturday night something happened with my debit card and they couldn't deal with it until Monday. They use a third party for their debit card services and they can't do anything other than deactivate the card.Finally, they are belligerent and greedy about their fees. They triple charged me fees and proceeded to as difficult as possible in looking into the fees and had a very rude tone. They constantly insisted that I talk to them on the phone instead of email. Finally I talked to their AVP of Finance, Sandy Taylor and she was even less helpful and understanding.I have dealt with Chase for several years and have never had this many problems or bad customer service experiences. I would stay far away from them.

Review №17

I sometimes need help with online banking yet there is no option for online banking on the telephone menu

Review №18

Never ever had an account with these people yet they called repeatly!! I told them I was NOT the person they were looking for nor did I know or have any clue who the person they were looking for was. I kindly explained my concern and kindly asked to be taken off the don't know call list which took several RUDE nasty calls backs to complete. I'm not a customer with how they treat their customers. I was appalled by the way they handled the situation and the run around and repeated calls. I get it somebody owns you money but it ain't me!!!

Review №19

Helpful and friendly staff. I inquired of their services, and now have an account.

Review №20

SIUCU is the best!!

Review №21

Don't bank here if you own a business! Worst bank ever!

Review №22

I have been a customer for over 30 years. Wonderful customer service.

Review №23

I originally lived in Carbondale and worked at the University. That is how I became a customer at SIU Credit Union. It has been 14 years, and I have lived in 3 states since then, but I would never leave this bank, because they are some of the most caring people I have ever known.

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  • Address:395 N Giant City Rd, Carbondale, IL 62902, United States
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  • Phone:+1 618-457-3595
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  • Drive-through:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance:Yes
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