Bexar County Tax Assessor-Collector
3505 Pleasanton Rd, San Antonio, TX 78221, United States

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Waited almost 2 hours in line in the drive through to find out the don't do title transfers. Call ahead to find out what they do and what they don't do. It wasn't posted on their web page,

Review №2

Judge Ciro D Rodriguez is a kind judge. He is merciful and has a sense of humor. However, the clerks move like molasses and I have now spent 3 hours in line and there are still 8 people infront of me.

Review №3

The wait time here is ungodly. The main lobby is closed so everything is done in drive thru. Plan to come earlier in the day.

Review №4

Excellent Service Always!Nice Friendly employees and Best part is lines are Never long 😁

Review №5

We got here an hour and 10 minutes ago and we are still 8 cars behind. What are these people doing in there??? They have no compassion for the people who are in line.

Review №6

I tried to call this office- no one picks up the phone. I tried to email this office- no one replies.

Review №7

Got my number before i sat down my number was called that was awesome bet that dont happen again.Lol 😆 😆 wasn't even mad that i had to pay my taxes bet that won't happen again.In and out get her done.To the cashier that took my payment have a great day.

Review №8

Too much red tape and not enough simple solutions or organization

Review №9

Victoria did an amazing job for me.. Taking all of my information and processed all of my paperwork.. Got my tag and license plate.. Its official.. Im a Texan now..

Review №10

This place is the worst in preparing you for anything, they tell you one thing on the phone and when you are there they tell you about the other five things they forgot to tell you.So let me help any one that might be doing a transfer of title from another state. You will need:1. Seller to notarize the transfer for2. You will need to notarize the form3. Get the car insurance because odds are the other sate it came from has different rates and make sure the insurance dates it for that date otherwise you will have to show up the date the insurance but on the card4. Go and get the car inspected it cost $75. Then fill out the application here6. Hope you don't get window fifteen the guy nit picks at everythingpro tip: don't get triple A insurance they will process till the next day they can't provide same day insurance, go with anyone else.

Review №11

Nice staff early voting site.

Review №12

If I could give zero stars, I would.I had my drivers license stolen in a different state right before moving to TX. When I got here, I went to get my TX license as a replacement. I was told I first needed to register my vehicle with the state.I get here to register my vehicle, and was told I could not register it because I first need to have a state issued form of ID.So, I am told in order to get my state ID I first need my car registered with the state.Then I am told when I go to register my car, that in order to register my car I need to have a state ID.I brought up this issue to an employee here and asked what I can do. He offered no helpful information and alluded that I should lie when getting my drivers license and say I don’t have a car.So basically, my options are to lie to state officials or else NEVER be able to get a license or register my car here. One of the most ridiculous things I have ever heard.I did offer my tribal ID. It’s accepted by the United States Government as an official form of identification - and even acts as a passport allowing me to travel in and out of US borders. The reason I don’t have a passport is because I don’t need one as I am able to travel internationally with my tribal ID.Apparently it’s not good enough for the state of TX. On the form it does say if you don’t have state issued ID you can use a passport. They refuse to accept my tribal ID as legitimate even though as a tribal member, I am not required to have a passport as I have my tribal ID. This is flat out discrimination.

Review №13

They never answer the phone. I make the trip and I go inside an it’s a ghost town. I see where my tax dollars go. Everyone just having a grand time BullShitting!

Review №14

I go to get my aunt's registration for her and the lady tells me I can't pay with my card because my name isn't on her title, but if I paid cash no problem? So you can't pay for someone else to help them? Then she says I can't do on internet either...well I leave, log on web site, pay for registration, with my card, no problem. Waste of my time going to tax office and to have a person who apparently is not trained give me inaccurate information.

Review №15

I sold my Jeep and Richard, the manager there who you first have to meet to get a ticket number, tells disabled veterans who don't own a car that they can't get a handicap placard using their service connected disability award letter. He lies and says you have to have a letter from a doctor too. This isn't true though and I proved it when I called the regional Texas DMV and handed him the phone so he can hear it from the higher authority. They told him he was wrong and that I could still get a handicap placard without a letter from a doctor whether I own a car or not. They told him I can get a plate without owning a car and my handicap placard as well. He got angry at me when he had no choice but to let me get my plate and placard.I WON, RICHARD!😁💪😎

Review №16

I always dread going to a government office to get something done. I was pleasantly surprised. I needed to renew car registration on my mother's car which had been sitting for months. I read online that most people are in and out in 20 minutes so I thought I'd give it a shot. Drove into the city, walked in the door of the office and I saw sixty or so people sitting in chairs. For what I needed to do there were 30 people ahead of me. I figured I was in for a wait...BUT....They actually work pretty fast....I was called to the counter about 25 minutes after I had gotten my ticket. The clerk was pleasant and promptly helped me. Five minutes after walking in through the door I was walking out. VERY PLEASANT SURPRISE!....Really changes my paradigm on a government office they CAN be efficient if properly manged....Thanks to the team on Pleasanton Road.

Review №17

ZERO STAR!!! ZERO !! If i could give a zero i would these people dont HELP you these people are so rude !!!! I got greeted so horrible !! The receptionist was trying to get rid of me !!! Dont come here

Review №18

Got called up to desk 3.. I guess lady shirley ossorio was not ready for me took her a whole minute to acknowledge me...I even said hello when I stepped up..and she ignored me.. she was to busy talking to her girl friend next to her about messaging somone..she was very rude to me..couldn't even wait 1min for me to get some paper work out of my truck but she made me wait for her..

Review №19

In and out in 5 minutes!Neat and profesional people working here.Attentive answering your questions throughoutly. In this opportunity Christal Hernandez provided excelent service.

Review №20

They have number system now. Not ques where folks stand in line. They have chairs to wait now. The clerk was very helpful and polite, professional. Great changes over previous experiences.

Review №21

Fast service and very friendly

Review №22

Fast and the judge was awsome. Dismissed everything. Great place. With the exception that u still have to pay the cort cost.

Review №23

Usual govt office just like I used to experience in california with the DMV just that this is much faster than out there where you had to use a whole day off just to get seen after waiting in line for 4 hours. Out there if you went in the morning they saw you in the afternoon, nobody would have thought to go at 4:30 pm? to a govt office yeah right. Well, I understand the 2.5 stars because nobody likes to wait in line, and then to wait in line to pay taxes less. I will give a few stars because it's much more efficient than where I come from.

Review №24

The 4th time I've been here. The 4th time they have "misinformed" me, cheated me out of money or not provided customers service to warrant anything more than a 1...0 would be better! This time, I purchased a temporary tag 6/6/17 -- after being misinformed, I had to use THEIR atm because you can only pay that in CASH [no one told me when I called ahead]. Then today 6/30/17, I go to get my title and they have me pay FULL PRICE and it expires 5/31/18. She stated I do not get "credit" for the temp tag purchase and they use "inclusive" month dates not normal. Which is way weird, because every time I renew beforehand, my sticker expires in June 2017, I get a new sticker that expires June 2018. THIEVES! Yes, I am writing my representative and Mr. Uresti directly. Most of the people in this city cannot afford to have their money stolen!

Review №25

New layout is great. Fast service. You don't have to wait in long lines any more.

Review №26

Ridiculous lines and no seating. Not enough employees to handle the excessive amount of people plus the security guy is just plain rude. Never again will I come here and I DO NOT recomend it. Do it online next time and save yourself time and stress

Review №27

The service was kind. In and out in twenty minutes. Definite A + service.

Review №28

The location is actually tucked away in the back corner of the main building at 660 Southwest Military. You'll have to go inside and then navigate the hallway to locate it. Also, their ATM was out of order when I went, so I'll have to make another trip. :(

Review №29

Fast service!!

Review №30

Very prompt, friendly, and polite! Thank you!

Review №31

Took 4trips to transfer auto registration

Review №32

Quick and easy

Review №33

Very efficient!

Review №34

Lines get quite long

Review №35

Never a long wait, friendly n helpful employees.

Review №36

Horrible. .. nobody in there seems to be organized. ., they take forever. . I wish we didn't have to get our damn stickers renewed

Review №37

Hours are horrible!!! got there at 435 and the jerk said i was too late!

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