H. James Clark Jr. CPA, PC
4474 Walzem Rd, San Antonio, TX 78218, United States

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I started my own business last year and needed an accountant I could depend on to take care of my personal and business tax preparation. I found that with Jim Clark and his staff. Every question I had was answered thoroughly and quickly, whether by email or phone. Jim Clark is professional and the service is at a reasonable price. His staff Mary Kay and Robin are friendly and knowledgeable on any question or issue I had. I intend to add additional services through them for being there for me for my first new tax season.

Review №2

Jim has been handling my husband's company's finances for more than 8 years. I am so very thankful, that Marlene, Jim's tenured employee, manages to keep track of the finances. Together they accomplish the impossible! I will forever be thankful, for the load you all have taken off my back!! Thank y'all!

Review №3

I have had multiple businesses, including a tax and accounting service. My standards are pretty high, no need to dazzle me with a 17th floor office - just answer or return my calls and provide solid advice. Jim Clarke provides excellent service in a timely fashion at a fair price. If you want a CPA that can assist you by saving you money on taxes now and can assist your business in saving money in the future, this is your CPA. Great staff, excellent technical knowledge on financial products and investing - all offered in a practical manner. You can go to bigger firms but, not better.

Review №4

This man is amazing! A coworker of mine referred me to him because of a letter I had received about income not reported on my 2016 tax return. The issue was completely my mistake, I forgot to include a W-2. I was prepared to pay the amount due, but I wanted to speak to a tax professional before I let the IRS have my money. He gave me a quick phone consultation and helped solve my problem. He helped me out and put my mind at ease so much that I'm considering just letting him do my 2018 taxes so I don't encounter these issues in the future! He was incredibly helpful, and I am so grateful that there are CPAs out there like him to help people out when encountering issues with the intimidating, helpless organization known as the IRS.

Review №5

Jim has been doing our taxes for over 20 years. My father recommended Jim and we have been using him ever since. Jim and his staff are very thorough and accurate and have always explained everything to our understanding. We have always been given great advice. We will continue to refer Jim for anyone needing a good CPA.

Review №6

Jim has been doing my taxes for over 20 years. I trust his advice and counsel and he has handled my tax requirements over numerous moves and relocations. He has always been available to discuss tax and investment related issues with excellent and timely advice. Jim is now doing the tax returns for all my children.He has been a great tax related adviser and has developed into a good friend. I would recommend Jim and his office very highly.

Review №7

I walked in Jims office when I was 22 years old with a mess of books and records for a thriving business. 13 years later, these guys handle absolutely everything for me. Professional, friendly, and most important he works for you to keep what you work for.

Review №8

Saw reviews and was really looking forward to a smooth experience. Staff was completely unprofessional in providing information to me that was important to my visit. A business doesn't know the importance in another's responsibility in obtaining information needed or doing business with them. I had to call 3 times for the receptionist to let me know owner isn't even taking new clientele. I don't know why she would have me waiting all morning for a response if that was the case. Complete waste of my time. I spoke with two different ladies saying the message had been passed so very disappointed the owner wouldn't make it a priority to have them let me know that he isn't taking anyone new but he will get back to me with more information on what I needed. I left a detailed message with both woman stating it was important for me to receive a call back.

Review №9

I have worked with Jim on four small businesses, plus my personal taxes for the past ten years. Jim and his staff provide excellent customer service. I sleep better at night knowing Jim has prepared my taxes. I recommend Jim without hesitation.

Review №10

I've been going to Jim for 17 years. I would never consider going elsewhere. He's very personable and professional. Jim keeps up on all the tax laws and changes. He always performs the highest quality service every time!

Review №11

Jim Clark has been preparing my taxes since 1989, and I am guessing that is probably a little bit longer than most of his clients. Before some of you jump up thinking that I am a close friend posting these accolades, that would be the furthest from the truth. I normally see Jim twice a year around tax time and that is it. Do I trust him, not the first couple of years? I would have him prepare my taxes and then go elsewhere providing both the same information. Not only did I compare his prepared tax statement with the other guy but I also took a serious look at what he was charging me. Yep! Your right, the statements he prepared for me were not only more accurate and complete, he did so at a lesser rate. Now those first couple of years, the Staff Judge Advocate was just a couple of doors down and he would review the prepared tax returns and Jim always won (rather I won).I wouldn’t say that I have had the simplest of tax returns either. The Tax Preparation for the first couple of years was way more than what I could handle. Just divorced, property settlements, starting a new business (business equipment accusations, setting up depreciation schedules, oil royalties, investments all that crap that I hate). I was able enjoy life as I started watching Jim’s hair line recede.The complexity of filing tax returns has multiplied time and time again and Jim seems to enjoy his mandatory continuing education. Now I have a cousin and a nephew both CPA’s right here in Texas. My cousin has been a practicing CPA for close to 60 years now and my nephew only for the past two years. Have I ever thought about changing – “Hell No”.Will I try and use this endorsement to my advantage, you bet. Will Jim yield and grant such – NO. He will just smile and say as he always does “I give you the best”.If you are looking for someone to help manage your business, suggest options, keep you appraised business issues and on tax laws, I can think of no one better qualified than Jim. His acumen in this area is unsurpassed.

Review №12

In 2001 as a new business owner, accounting and taxes can be quite confusing and overwhelming. I feel very fortunate to have met Jim Clark and he would become by accountant. Who from day one was able to structure my business accounting software and practices to where I was able to concentrate on my business and not on tax issues. Any business that you're in can be very challenging and it only makes practical business sense to have a strong knowledgable accountant and more importantly one who has integrity. I had previously been involved in a tax audit with IRS and with Jim's knowledge we were able to dispute their inquiry without any penalties. My personal opinion of Jim Clark as my personal and business accountant is he is not just a good accountant he is a GREAT accountant. Rodney Sosa. South Texas Sharps & Refurbish LLC / Casas de Sosa LLC

Review №13

Jim and his staff have always been treat to work with. If I need something during the middle of the year, he's always there to get it. He provides the advice I need on taxes and always gets things done on time. He's honest and fair.

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