One Good Credit
245 Main St 2nd floor, Brockton, MA 02301, United States
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First off I want to Thank Manny for being an amazing credit advisor, not only did he fix my credit but he also got to where my husband and I could buy our first home!! One Good Credit is an amazing company with amazing staff that are sweethearts and are right there to help you!! I want to Thank you from the bottom of my heart!!Great place to rebuild your credit they are fast and committed to all their customers! If you are ready for a change and need help with bettering your credit One Good Credit is the place for you!! You’ll be happy you chose them cause I know I am!!

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Manny his team changed my life! I came to one good credit with a 500 credit score and 6 months later I had a 710 and purchased my first home. Not only did they help boost my credit but they took their time in educating me on credit literacy and answering any questions I had. They should change their name to one “great” credit. Couldn’t be more thankful I strongly recommend this team. I live in Las Vegas and I wouldn’t go anywhere else or trust anyone else

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One Good Credit provides an atmosphere that is positive and welcoming. The staff are also professional and personable. Manny with one good credit is professional while also being personable. Unlike many other companies you are able to see improvements in your credit in a realistic and timely manner. Manny also provides advice on how to mange your credit cards and finances. Through one good credit I was able to purchase two homes and purchase a new car. I highly recommend their services.

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I was a member of one good credit and the owner Manny was helping me fix my credit , and I must say Manny and his staff blew me away. They have the resources to get the job done. I went from a 540 credit score to now a 720. I followed his instructions I paid my credit cards on time and I didn’t open any new line of credit unless manny told me too. Manny had my score at a 640 within a matter of months. My husband and I have referred so many of our family and friends to one good credit and everyone has said it’s one of the best decisions they have ever made. I am so happy I took the step to fix my credit. And I am so great full for people like Manny who really take their time to help people get on the right track and just do what they want to do in life weather it’s buying a home , a car, or opening up a business. one Good Credit will get you Right.

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Manny is a man of his word. Since the first day I walked into his office his team was very helpful. He helped me and my wife improve our credit and now we bought our first home. He walks you through all the steps he takes to improve your credit. I have recommended family and friends to see Manny.

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Just amazing!!! I wish I could give more stars. When I first started my FICO was horrible there were all kinds of things on there that wouldn't let my score grow I tried on my own and nothing ONE GOOD CREDIT took over and my score has grown more that 100 points and still going. GREAT program so many doors have been opened with the right credit score I'm so thankful for Manny and all of his friendly staff. IF YOU NEED THAT FICO SCORE FIXED YOU NEED "ONE GOOD CREDIT"

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I absolutely recommend One Good Credit to everyone! Manny the owner is absolutely awesome. My first experience with him was very impressive he got my score from the low 500s to the high 700s in less then 6 months. Then my second experience was exceptional. I had just sold my house and had 4 lates on my mortgage could not get a loan to purchase another home. I also had 1 delinquency. He got my perfect credit back in 1 WEEK omg I was besides myself. I had to wait 35 days and today I got the okay to go get pre-qualified for my mortgage loan. I am super excited, especially grateful and so satisfied with Manny's super express results. Try One Good Credit I promise you will never regret it. They are the best in my opinion. I give them 10 double for the trouble. Thanks a million One Good credit....you also I can't leave out the friendly professional staff on the team you guys are awesome l

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The best financial decision I've made in a long time. Manny was very professional and taught me how to control my credit and manage my accounts to work in my favor. Manny was able to get rid of all derogatory information in my credit file. The work he did increased my score by over 150 points in less than 6 months. The staff was very helpful when i was not able to speak with Manny. Thank you One Good Credit for teaching me how credit works and helping me reach my financial goals.

Review №9

Highly recommended!!!! They get the job done and fast! My score has went up drastically within 2 months I wanna say at least 100 points, Totally worth every penny.

Review №10

If your looking to purchase a home, a car, or just looking to get your credit on the right track please look no further than One Good Credit in Brockton, MA. Manny is the most straight up honest guy "best in the business" hands down. His office is an atmosphere of family oriented traditional values. They helped my wife and I achieve all of our financial goals!!! With out them none of what we have would have been possible!!! Manny and his family are very special people to us. Manny we love you and your family!!!#supportlocalbusinesses #onegoodcreditRespectfully SubmittedThe Patz Family

Review №11

Manny is the best helped turn my 540 to a 750 and was able to explain the process thoroughly. Would recommend this place to anyone struggling with credit issues

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My only regret i have is not contacting them prior to my bankruptcy, they're amazing️ Manny the owner takes his business very serious and does his best for his clients. The women that work at the front are helpful, friendly, and knowledgeable. I recommend this place to everyone

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Best place ! I recommend to everyone that needs credit advice no matter your situation. I've been dealing with them for awhile now even after my initial 150+ point increase!

Review №15

Ohhh my gosh I never met anyone like him Many is so patient, professional this guy know what his doing believe me he fix my credit less then 3 months and get me a house this guy themmmmmmmm I’m so proud of his work and his team thank you guy’s very very much ️️️️️️️️️️️️️️️️️️️he is them f gooddddddd

Review №16

One good credit is the place to go if you need to fix your credit they did such a good job my credit looks amazing ....ready to buy my first home .

Review №17

You should already been here seeking the help of Manny and his team. The results of their work are listed by the people who believed and reaping the benefits. Glad I'm not where u are deciding what to do. I'm driving my dream 2020 and living in my address.Nuff said!!

Review №18

Tha are the best i ever work whitTha word is bond

Review №19

Thank you Manny, and your amazing team! You guys rock! I deeply appreciate everything you guys did for me! I couldn’t done it alone! Thanks to you & team today I own a car, again. I have new credit lines and on my way to buy my first house!Definitely recommend One good credit to anyone that’s looking to repair their credit. They are truly amazing!

Review №20

They get the job done. Highly recommend.

Review №21

It’s crazy that being a little financially conscious can get you places. And that’s what Manny and his staff has insured. My credit went from 580 to 776 in just months. One Good Credit is highly recommended!

Review №22

All I can say is WOW! Working with Manny at one good credit was such an easy process. You can tell this is his area of expertise. Every question I asked was answered in great detail and he delivered on his promise in a timely manner.

Review №23

Many is the best credit agent me and my family are have happy with his work . Today I’m a home owner because he put me in the right track thank you ️️️️️

Review №24

I will recommend everyone if you need help fixing your credit this is one of best Place I know of because with Manny you can not say your dreams won came true because he will make your dreams I will give you 10 stars because one good credit is the best thanks Manny for your help

Review №25

One Good Credit has helped me bring my credit from the 500"s to the 700's and keeping it on the good foot. If it goes down just a little bit I'm at One Good Credit so I know what to do to fix it or they will fix it. My husbands' credit wasn't all that good and when he came to One Good Credit they helped him and now we are in our house that he bought because his credit went up to the 700's. One good credit is like the clinic for your credit. If your credit is sick come to Dr. Manny and he will make it a lot better.

Review №26

My man and I started coming to One Good Credit about 8 months ago. From the first day meeting Manny he told us exactly what we should be expecting from working with him and he has show and proved every word he told us from day one. He made a pathway to better our future. I highly recommend One Good Credit for any circumstance (to build credit, fix credit, even to learn to have manage on your credit).Manny makes no empty promises.

Review №27

There can be no other words to say except Fantastic. What Manny and his team were able to do for me and my credit, is nothing short of miraculous. They don't just talk , take your money and promise you the sky, like all the other so called credit repair companies. Manny cares about what he is doing for as well as he cares about you the person. You are more than a number on a file. HE GETS IT DONE!!! Forget all the others Take it Manny at One Good Credit!

Review №28

Customer Service Is Horrible!!! Receptionist ALWAYS Comes off with an attitude. The Front End is the FACE of your Company. Someone’s initial interaction when encountering a business should not be a negative one. On a positive note there is a Quality outcome when it comes to Manny fixing your Credit... But a Customer Service Training would definitely do some good

Review №29

This place is the truth! I honestly wished I found them sooner. A friend of mine has been using them for two years and gave me their info. I decided to give it a try and was super excited to hear that you can pay them monthly. I met with Jose and he has been so helpful in a short period of time! In less than 60 days, my score increased to numbers I could only dream of. Jose had a lot of patience and explained the whole process to me and now I am on track with my personal credit. He has also took the time to walk me through the steps to ensure I keep my credit in great standing. They can also help build business credit too! The women in the front are very friendly and professional! I would highly recommend this business.

Review №30

Manny is very professional and is willing to help you and go the extra mile. Helped me reached my goal from 575 to 780. I highly recommend him.

Review №31

Best decision I made to fix my credit. My score went up in 3 months from 611 to 748. OneGoodCredit is real, everything they said happened. I am happy and will bring everybody.

Review №32

This place has changed my life! I highly recommend. Low prices and you get results! Jose has helped me fix and build my credit and provided me with a lot of information to help me maintain it. Wished I found this place sooner.

Review №33

With 20 plus years of credit counseling, I can say I am beyond impressed with the service with Manny and team. Very Knowledgeable and delivered on every promise. Thank you again. Highly recommend.

Review №34

I love One Good Credit... Manny is the best. Everyone in the office is always nice. This is my second time working with them and both times I got nothing but incredible results. Thanks again.

Review №35

An amazing process!!When I started working with Manny my credit was less than average and I had no options of getting a credit card never mind that I was hoping to get a house. Within 3 to 4 appointments my credit skyrocketed over 100 points. Now I have to turn down all my credit card offers and I'm pre-approved for a mortgage with the best possible rates. By far this has been one of my top life changing experiences. Thank you Manny @ One Good Credit for everything you've done.

Review №36

Manny is a professional with compassion. He helped both my husband and I with issues, and all is done! His staff are professionals, and I couldn't endorse him more.

Review №37

Amazing service really helped me through your the process of improving my credit very grateful.

Review №38

Manny does exactly what he says he's going to do! My credit had everything wrong with it....from student loans to delinquent payments to short sale, etcThank you One Good Credit for getting me ( my credit score) back on the playing field!Professional team and excellent work!! I strongly recommend Manny and his team.....5 stars did not seem enough!

Review №39

I highly recommend this company. Manny is amazing, my credit scores went up in a matter of months. I was able make purchases and get approvals from companies that have denied me in the past.Thank you for all of your help!

Review №40

Today marks another great long term outcome with the One Good Credit Team. I have had another huge increase in my credit score that would have not been possible without the help of this lovely team. I was granted a credit line for 15,000 and this is so awesome. Your probably thinking who would want that kind of credit limit to borrow and give back but the biggest gain is having it on your credit report to increase that score. Manny thank you for making me a happier women today.

Review №41

Where should I start.. Manny is a awesome perfessional. In less than a years time, One Good Credit has turned my financial situation around. Clearing up my financial past and opening up new lines of credit. They've also educated me on the what, when & how's to manage my credit. As we should all learn "credit is wealth and knowledge is power". I recommend anyone serious about their financial/credit situation to contact "One Good Credit"

Review №42

A little over 4 months ago I took initiative and began the journey to improve my credit score. Mr. Cardoso came highly recommended through a friend of mine but there was some distance between my home and his office. I am a Pawtucket, RI native, but I can honestly say I would do the 55 minute trips to see Manny all over again. The results I received through his services still do not seem real. For many years I struggled with my credit and in 4 months I went from the low 400’s to mid 700’s. TALK ABOUT RESULTS. His professionalism and passion for helping improve a person shows through. Everything was easy, fast and PRIVATE! I would recommend Manny a million times or until I can’t anymore because he is just that good!! I look forward to our last appointment on 01/04. This is the greatest news I’ve received in a while. THANK YOU ONE GOOD CREDIT and PLEASE VISIT FOR ALL YOUR CREDIT NEEDS!!!!

Review №43

Initially there was obstacles. But thankful for “google” and the staff of “One Good Credit” with a little bit of time and persistence we “made stuff happen”. A great big thank you for making things possible to attain with better credit.

Review №44

Many is the best!My score went from 582 to 718 within months. He is the real deal.

Review №45

Manny did a great job fixing my credit! Thank you so much!

Review №46

Two words ( THE BEST ) worth the time and money. Manny helps make dreams come through. Thank you so much I highly recommended Manny and the One Good Credit team over all. As well shoutout to the front desk team they best our visit easy and fun.In all if your looking to get back on your feet, buy a car, own a house this is the team to see hands down.( quick easy and stick to there time line )

Review №47

I recommend everyone to Manny he does excellent work, changed my life. Appreciate you man. THE BEST IN THE BUSINESS

Review №48

I had an outstanding experience with One Good Credit. My credit score was mediocre and I was in the process of making a large purchase. They not only cleaned up my credit but they increased my credit score by 75 points. I am thoroughly pleased with the outcome from the service they provided.

Review №49

One Good Credit Is amazing.My experience has been a very pleasant one. The staff is very pleasant,knowledgeable.I have been educated on how to improve and work on my credit.One good credit works with my schedule.I am very excited and thankful to have such an amazing team with me through this journey!

Review №50

One Good Credit is by far the best company when fixing your credit & so much more! I enjoyed learning & appreciate everyone involved being hands on while ensuring my husband & I find our first home! Thank you again One Good Credit Team!! Truly the best!!

Review №51

One Good Credit helped me save my home, my marriage, my life. I can never thank you enough!!Manny and his staff are hard working, their tireless effort’s really paid off for me in the end . I would highly recommend one good credit to help make major changes in your life .

Review №52

Manny is the best! Extremely professional and amazing at what he does! Call and set up an appointment asap if you need your credit to get back to normal! Of course I have to stay responsible with my credit now but Manny helps to explain everything to me when I have any questions or concerns. Now I can decide what my limitations are.

Review №53

One Good Credit is the place to go. Manny helped improve my credit in a matter of a few visits. He is a great guy to work with and will improve your credit. Definitely check Manny out at One Good Credit.

Review №54

The receptionist Is trash Doesn't know who she works for or who i would need to speak with Stated Owner works down stairs at Western Union doesnt know he name just gives him money they collect at end of month. What Kind of Business is this i would not recommend a place to provide personal info to if employees don't even know the name of the person they work for NO STARS FOR ME !!!

Review №55

One good credit is amazing! Manny is so nice and truly does everything to get your credit raised and to get all of the collections off! I only saw him for 5 months and my credit went from 400 to 700!!!

Review №56

Manny and his team of women are the best in the city! Very professional team that will make sure you meet and exceed your financial goals. Going to one good credit was one of the best decisions I’ve made in a long time!Thanks Manny

Review №57

So happy with the end results! Really professional place.

Review №58

The best. I can’t say enough about OneGoodCredit, Manny and team is just awesome. I would recommend anyone to go to OneGoodCredit, you will be making the best and greatest decision in your life.

Review №59

I would recommend Manny to anyone that needs to fix their credit!! Worth the price for sure and very friendly!! They make you feel like family!! Such a great experience!!

Review №60

Manny is so great ... I have been coming to this place for roughly approaching a year and my credit could not be better. When I first attended I owed so much and didn’t know where to start . Manny told me what I needed to do and I followed . Since then I have been approved for a loan to purchase my home and things couldn’t seem to be better. The pricing is right and well worth the wait . I have completed my plan and still will continue to have him monitor my credit as he knows what he is doing . Most folks pay larger companies that say oil will be great with slow progress where a more personal face to face allows you to fully understand . Since then I have recommended so many folks to attend and they can’t seem to be any happier with their results . It’s like they say don’t judge a book by its over.

Review №61

I have had an unbelievable experience with One Good Credit! They fixed my credit and treated me like family. Manny is a miracle man and I highly recommend OGC!!!!

Review №62

Hands Down The BEST !!!! They was very direct and told me what he would be doing and what to expect, Very nice feels like family. Having no problem to go back and explain anything back to me, absolutely the best never had I been treated better with all the staff and team players

Review №63

Manny is a miracle worker. Very smart guy and great atmosphere considering it is in Brockton. Looks can be deceiving, don’t just do a drive by. Check him out, you won’t regret it!

Review №64

He did a great job and it’s the best card place in Brockton

Review №65

I could sit here and write a lifetime’s length speech of the issues that I faced before meeting the staff at One Good Credit... But to save everybody’s time do yourself a favor and go see Manny tell him your story and let him take the wheel from there. The job that he has done is nothing less of AMAZING...Thank you!

Review №66

Manny is great at what he does! Since the very first day I met with him he told me what i needed to do step by step to improve my credit. Now I'm in the process of buying my first home. Manny and his team have great customer service and I will continue to recommend people.

Review №67

Right at home with Manny& Staff at one Good Credit!! I appreciate the experience and tools provided to get back on track... Manny is Genuine,Honest cares for the people, gets job done .Very encouraging on a personal level!! Hospitality thru the roof...Grateful for referral from my bestie.. . It changed my way of thinking. Keep moving forward we need you. Thanks for making a difference in me...... 2019 working on putting Sherry first

Review №68

Many has done an exceptional job on my credit , when I first came to him my credit was very poor and I thought that was no solution but he worked on my credit, cleaned up my credit, my score went up and I was able to buy my house. I continue to work with him to maintain good credit and other financial consultation. May GOD give you double blessings!!!!Thank you !!

Review №69

ReviewIf you want to get your life back on track again then Manny is the man, no doubt, I was at place in my life where I was stuck, didn’t know what to do or where to turn, then I took a chance on One Good Credit, and I’m one that’s very leery of everything but I had to do something and I have to say Manny gave me a second chance in life, to hold your head up once again and be proud, he helped me with my credit beyond my expectations , look at me now, brand new Dodge Ram 3500 ,brand new apartment , Credit cards and all, I can’t say enough about Manny, now he’s working on my girlfriends credit and kicking butt as usual. Believe me give him a shot you won’t regret it.

Review №70

Manny and his team were nothing short of professional. They provided great service and worked with me all the way to my end goal. I am thankful for having been referred to them.

Review №71

Real professionals, they know what they are doing and the help is real well worth the cost. Go get your credit in order.. Now!!

Review №72

Manny Cardoso is the best in the business!! My credit score went up about 200 points!!! I was able to buy my dream car, a BMW for 0 down!! This wouldn't have been possible without him!! Thank you Manny and the great people at One Good Credit!! I highly recommend doing business with them!!

Review №73

I highly recommend this company. I'm currently a member. Manny educated me on what my rights were what the collection agencies rights were what was acceptable and what wasn't. He really knows what hes talking about. He should have been a lawyer. I had some creditors after me for a debt in the thousands. With the education provided by one good credit I was able to take on the creditors attorney's office and get the case dismissed. Prior to that one good credit was also able to help me get the debt/collection agency off my credit report. It all took about 6 months. My consultant was Manny but I don't doubt that they all are as good as him. He met with me monthly to see the status of things and I felt like he was easy to reach. anyone that is have collection agency issues or credit issues see this agency ASAP. I'm not only a fan I'm a member.

Review №74

I had tried to fix my credit for 5 years through so many different credit repair services, and ended up spending thousands with no result. Manny was able to help me out and bring my credit score to perfection! He is passionate about his work and truly cares about his clients. I am very happy with my credit score, and I would highly recommend anyone who needs repair to see him!

Review №75

Will H.Miracle Manny is all I can say, he raised my credit score in 3 months by nearly 200 points and made me finance able for a home mortgage. I did not believe it was possible especially in such a short time. Years before I had worked with another firm who did not come through at all so I was cynical, but he totally proved himself and his company.

Review №76

I would highly recommend manny gets the job done fast,not only that he also mentors you on your credit and he's very informal just great vibes in general his staff is wonderful as well very welcoming. Manny was able to turn my604 into a 720 in less than a month i saw results. Thanks Manny

Review №77

I came to Manny with the hope that he may eliminate some of the negative reports showing on my credit report. Manny not only cleaned up my credit report but he also coached/helped me build my credit making it possible for me to purchase my first home. With no hesitation I have recommended Manny to two of my siblings as well as co-workers. I am not one to recommend (let alone write a review) but keeping his work ethics to myself just doesn't feel fair. I would highly recommend Manny to anyone and everyone. :)

Review №78

Great place they can make miracles happen.

Review №79

Manny Cardoso and Kyanna are of great help!! My credit score went up to 750, I got a brand new BMW 5 series with $0 down and 3.9 APR, and I got approved for a credit card with a high credit limit. None of this would have been made possible if it wasn’t for One Good Credit! I highly recommend them. Thanks Manny and Kyanna!!

Review №80

This is the place to be if you are having any issues with credit, especially discrepancies, late payments and medical collections. Manny and his staff is professional and efficient. He got me to where I needed to be. A+ one good credit!

Review №81

One Good Credit is the best place to fix your credit, friendly environment.Manny walk with me through the process and questions I had. I strongly recommend One Good credit.Thank you Manny for everything

Review №82

I highly recommend this company. I became a member a year and a half ago starting at a credit score of 484. With Manny’s help as well as the help of his staff my credit score is now 740. WOW is right, not only did he help raise my credit he also educated me along the way. Getting a good credit again is one thing but learning what can affect your credit, your rights, & how to maintain a good credit really did it for me.Like

Review №83

MANNY CARDOSO ONE OF THE BEST CREDIT FIX FOR SURE ,I am so glad I mad the a decision to have him ,help me fixed my credit because now I feel stress free ,and close to rich my goals ,thanks to him .... just do your part and leave the rest on mannys hands ...trust me you won’t regret it thank you again again God bless you and good luck with everything body.

Review №84

I work with them with my credit it’s been successfulVery good

Review №85

I highly recommend [email protected] good credit.With the help from him and his staff, i am now debt free.... He is the best...

Review №86

5 Stars isnt enough! Before I tell my experience with Manny its worth saying that Manny repairs more than credit: he repairs your ability to have access to prosperity - that's what credit means in this society. Manny and his staff are professional and courteous. What surprised me most was how on top of my file Manny was: he ALWAYS knew exactly what needed to be done, WHEN it needed to be done, told me EXACTLY what to expect and how to proceed. Periodically, Manny would call to update me on his progress as i concurrently received email updates (which honestly i never read). Manny would also call to ask if was aware of an unexpected changes.Its worth noting, I understand the value of credit (who doesnt) because Im in the business of providing alternative business loans to entrepreneurs and real estate investors. I know how to leverage credit in order to realize an opportunity in business and real estate. I also understand what it means to lose opportunities due to a low credit score. That state, life happens, credit scores dip, debt mounts and suddenly a few late payments cascades into a credit score thats crippling to day-to-day life. Mannys efforts and tenacity removed every barrier: charge offs, late payments, closed accounts...and even student loan debt; then he says to me "and they wont come back!"As we become adults, and settle into adulthood, fewer and fewer occurrences come as a surprise. Manny and One Good Credit was the surprise i needed in 2019...Im thankful and grateful. If youre thinking of having your credit repaired give Manny a call...you will be impressed. His services will change your life for the better! I cannot thank Manny & his staff to a degree sufficient to how they have positively impacted/changed my life: I appreciate you Manny!

Review №87

I highly recommend this company. I became a member a year and a half ago starting at a credit score of 584. With Manny’s help as well as the help of his staff my credit score is now 741. WOW is right, not only did he help raise my credit he also educated me along the way. Getting a good credit again is one thing but learning what can affect your credit, your rights, & how to maintain a good credit really did it for me.

Review №88

If you need help with your credit, this is the best place to come because the customer service is very nice, and respectful. Manny, who helps with your credit is the best in Brockton.

Review №89

A Realtor referred me to One Good Credit when I was searching to buy a house because my credit was very poor. I came in and meet with Manny who assured me I would buy a house after reviewing my application. All the staff there is friendly and patient. Weeks later after first appointment, I received my first credit card. One year in a half later, I just purchase my first house with Manny, and One Good credit's help. My credit this whole time was monitored by Manny. I would highly recommend this service for anyone whether good or not so good credit. Knowing that I have someone watching over your credit sure relieved an enormous amount of stress for me. Huge THANK YOU to Manny and One Good Credit.Maria Miranda

Review №90

Excellent work see ur improvements in ur credit score

Review №91

If U need your credit to be fixed go the One Good Credit best place and the friendly service is the best I am so happy my credit is in good high level scores

Review №92

Like many people trying to improve their credit I was searching for solutions and Mr. Cardoso met all of my needs! Let’s just say my credit went from fair to EXCELLENT over a period of time. Not only did he fix the issues, he gave me great advice on improving my score and I watched my credit score grow month after month. I’ve referred over 8 friends who have all seen positive changes so I would highly recommend One Good Credit to anyone!

Review №93

This is the place for a second chance!! Thanks guys! Very professional and kept his word all the way

Review №94

Manny is awesome at what he does, when i first went to him, my credit was horrible. he promised me that i do what he says, he will get my credit back to where it should be. In a short while, my credit has been raised over 200 points. I would not recommend anyone else to help you!

Review №95

Manny has helped me rebuild my credit in a short period of time. It has been a pleasure working with him. He definitely knows what he is doing and takes pride in his work!

Review №96

I highly recommend Manny he helped me raise my credit score over 200 points. If it was not for his hard work and dedication I would not have been able to purchase my first home. I have tried other credit company's and it was a waste of time and money. If you need help fixing your credit, one good credit is the only way to go.

Review №97

Manny is amazing at what he does! With his help my credit score has improved and I now know a lot more on how to handle my credit cards!He will not disappoint you and makes sure you understand the process every step of the way.

Review №98

If you look to fix your credit I recommend to go ONE GOOD CREDIT they are the best on help people with credit.

Review №99

Second time is a charm. Manie fixed my credit, back in 2014 and I screwed it up again, two years later. Here I am, 2019 and flying high again, thanks to One Good Credit! Oh, did I mention, I bought a 2nd Jaguar (XJL Portfolioedition) this time, zero down, same as the first Jag I bought? Thanks again Manie! Let's work on that condominium now!

Review №100

Manny was a life-saver! He repaired my boyfriend's credit in no time, and now we are getting pre-approved to buy a house.

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  • Site:http://onegoodcredit.com/
  • Phone:+1 774-296-8212
  • Credit counseling service
Working hours
  • Monday:10am–6pm
  • Tuesday:10am–6pm
  • Wednesday:10am–6pm
  • Thursday:9am–6pm
  • Friday:Closed
  • Saturday:Closed
  • Sunday:10am–6pm
  • Appointments recommended:Yes
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