Inemer & Wolf LLP
1430 Broadway #1503, New York, NY 10018, United States

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I have worked with Joe Wolf, Partner at Inemer & Wolf, since 2007.With his team, he has always delivered an outstanding work. He is very much bottom line oriented and result focus. He has always been a very trustworthy advisor and very responsive. His work encompass bookkeeping, tax advisory, financial planning, payrolls and help with day-to-day operation. in addition to all those positives, his cost (fees) remains very reasonable as he understands the reality of business and for small businesses in particular. he works with us on both our personal and business finances.

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Joe and his team have been trusted and valued advisors for years. Joe saw me through the tough times of the economic downturn and has been critical to my current success. I'm happy to say he works with me on both my personal and business finances.

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Inemer & Wolf has handled my corporate and personal accounting needs for many years. Their service and expertise are impeccable. Highly recommended!

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I've been a customer of Joe Wolf from Inemer & Wolf since 2009.He was my third CPA since I first started my one person tech consulting small business. The first one, I never really had an opportunity to use, since he was just a one person operation that I felt uneasy about. Newbie paranoia I guess. The second one was similar to Inemer & Wolf in size and operation, but never replied to emails after completing my first year's returns. Inemer & Wolf was referred to me from one of my past client's employees. We chatted a bit, and I went a bit technical on Joe. I felt we were on the same page. I figure why not.I think it's important to state what type of client I am. I am a client that is on top of the books (for the most part) for my s-corp. I keep a NoLo book handy for reference. I know what comes in, and I know what comes out. I know my payroll. I know what forms I need to fill out. In the perfect world, I would rather not have a CPA, but those year end filings can be brutal. So I do my own payroll, quarterly fillings, etc from the cloud or electronically with the various agencies. I do review all forms filled out by my CPA. In most cases, any errors were due to my forgetfulness to let the CPA know. My main fault is that I organize my books a bit too close to due dates, and that's why I need a CPA to fast track the yearly filings. Oddly, I am just like everyone else when it comes to personal accounting... not great.Prices were fair (not cheap, but not on the high side) for what I wanted. I wanted a CPA who was reachable via phone/email, had its main office in Manhattan I can drop by when I needed to rush the process, and had the skillset to use my online book keeping.I know the office can be busy during peak season, so I am mindful of that. Responses won't be long and thorough during those times. Joe will have a quick chat to sort it out quickly if need be. They won't hand hold you through everything (unless you want to pay for it and have them do it for you), but they do cover all the bases of what matters. I think it's important to know what is getting filed and why. It's the only way to find mistakes (regardless of any CPA you use... never heard of a error free CPA.) Billing is usually simple and not broken down to every minute detail (might bother some people.) I prefer flat numbers.After a number of years with Joe, I have dealt with Joe for various other needs like forming LLCs for other ventures, international accounting dealings, and other businesses. Prices have been fair if not great. Fast and efficient. Staff that works with Joe have been great. I actually like them. Would be sad if they moved on.So with that said, I recommend Inemer & Wolf. Know (more or less) what you need or want. Have a chat. Begin that journey.

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This company has been very professional, thorough and knowledgeable in their work for us.

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  • Address:1430 Broadway #1503, New York, NY 10018, United States
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