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I can not recommend this firm high enough! They are absolutely amazing. Over the years they have saved us tens of thousands of dollars and always had our best interest in mind.I have referred upwards of 25 people to them and ALL of them have come back and thanked me for sending them over. Do yourself a favor and give this firm a shot. Andrew Hernandez THANK YOU!

Review №2

Not only did Ed save us THOUSANDS of dollars but he has been a financial strategist & mentor. You definitely need to #GoSeeEd!

Review №3

You couldn't pay me to use this company again. I found mistakes in their work and was able to reduce my tax burden by over $2000. When I pointed out these mistakes they acted like it was business as usual for their clients to find such discrepancies and gladly made the adjustments.I expect that the positive reviews for this company have come from those that do not know better. I would question every line item they work on. But then it makes one wonder why hire them at all. Exactly.

Review №4

Ed Guerrero and his AMAZING team have been my CPA for almost 10 years! He and his staff have handled my personal taxes, my real estate investments and helped me incorporate my business. Ed is a Real Estate investor himself so he is highly knowledgeable in this area! I would not trust anyone else with my taxes. Thanks for all you do Ed and staff. You are the BEST!!

Review №5

Best kept secret in town: "Go See Ed." If you're looking for proactive tax strategies, Ed's your guy! He will personalize a strategy plan, individualized, just for you.Ed will show you how to manage your money the smart way. Don't let ongoing changes in the tax laws catch you off guard. Ed can help you plan, to avoid the dreaded "tax return surprises."He offers numerous luncheons and dinners, monthly, to share his knowledge. Every time I attend a luncheon, I learn something new.This is my second year with Guerrero CPA and I am extremely happy with the individual attention I've received from Ed and his staff. Everyone takes the time to make sure you feel welcome and informed.Thank you Ed, for all that you have taught me.

Review №6

We have been coming to Ed and his team for two years. My husband runs a successful business but I always cringe at tax time as a first time business owner. Ed put me at ease the first year that it’s a part of running a business and having a strategy helps plan throughout the year. He was definitely right! Now I look at taxes as part of running the business and rest assure that I’m doing what’s best for our business because the strategy we worked on together with Ed. It’s nice to sit on the “client” side of the table and feel assured we were in good hands!

Review №7

Ed Guerrero is brilliant! He saved me $9,000 on my tax return. Huge savings for a small business owner like myself. This is my 4th Tax season with Guerrero, CPA. What makes Ed different is he does Tax Strategy and gives me a tax check up in the middle of the year so I can be proactive and not reactive on my taxes. This empowers me to reduce and optimize my taxes each year. GO SEE ED!

Review №8

Ed Guerrero is one of if not the best CPA in Texas. His team is amazing and they are on top of all current tax strategies and plans to get you the best savings on your returns. We have been using them for 3 years now and are truly satisfied!

Review №9

Been looking for CPA like Ed for all my professional life and thank God I found him. The most clever and competent CPA I’ve ever worked with. I highly recommend him to all my colleagues.

Review №10

All of my professional life I thought there would be CPA out there that would help plan for taxes. Then I went to my first show 4 years ago and I said “ha! I found one!” Tax Planning is critical to small business’ growth. GCPA is much more than a tax prep. Come out to a show or make an appointment for a tax analysis and see for yourself.

Review №11

Ed is great! He showed us how to structure our company to maximize our tax savings. But more importantly, he is always available to give us as much time as we need to understand his plan for us.

Review №12

Everyone in the office is helpful, respectful, gracious and professional. I am more than pleased with the excellence of service and professialism of this organization. I am set for life financially with the strategies and education I am receiving through this organization. Thank you Guerrero CPA.

Review №13

Ed hosts Tax Strategy shows weekly and the Free Tax education is outstanding. We have learned how to reduce our tax liability, protect assets and Lisa his wife is an attorney who educates on Estate Planning and Business Formations. She’s Amazing!

Review №14

Ed and Lisa Guerrero has been a great blessing to my family and myself. They have allowed me to assist there clients with financial solutions. It’s a great partnership! Thank you Ed and Lisa!

Review №15

Great service before and after! Very knowledgeable CPAs and friendly staff. I have worked with Andrew for years now and am impressed on the speed and accuracy of his work and attention to detail. I am a customer for life!

Review №16

Since I come to live here in San Antonio I was looking for a CPA , I saw many but nobody gave me any tax strategy , they just asked me for my documents and did my taxes. One friend refereed me with Ed and since the first meeting FIRST OF ALL He explained me how was my taxes situation, then he gave me and explained me options to do the best . I am really very grateful to ED!!!!!

Review №17

Been doing my taxes for a few years now and they know how to properly maximize your taxes. Quick, easy and seamless process!Go see Andrew!

Review №18

I saved so much money going through Ed. He saved me over $8,000 on my taxes. I absolutely love Ed and his staff. I highly recommend Ed.

Review №19

Go See Ed! If you need the right man for the job to get YOUR taxes done right and have him show you some tax strategies for your future. You won't be disappointed!!Call his office and set an appoitment to see him right away. Tell him Sonny sent you!

Review №20

Mr. Guerrero has provided exceptional service and saved me a significant amount of money. I highly recommend Guerrero CPA!

Review №21

Ed has been doing my taxes for several years and I HIGHLY recommend. Him and Andrew take the time to strategize exactly what needs to be done and help me set goals each year through tax strategies and education. "Go see Ed"!

Review №22

Ed Guerrero and his team are amazing. They have saved me alot of money on my taxes and they have excellent customer service. I have already recommended them to several of my friends and they love him too!!!

Review №23

My taxes used to cause me distress, but NO MORE!!Since having Guerrero CPA strategize and complete my taxes I am a happy camper!! Ed Guerrero and his staff are a busy, busy group but in spite of that I'm always greeted with a smile, water or coffee, and genuine concern that my taxes are done the best for me..

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Review №25

Ed Guerrero and Guerrero CPA are professional, helpful and friendly. They do so much more than just our taxes. Everything from tax planning, business set up, bookkeeping and tax preparation makes all of my financial decisions much easier. I highly recommend this company.

Review №26

My wife and I can't thank Ed and this firm enough for their assistance during Hurricane Harvey. My wife and I were displaced for 9 months and I am certain it would have been longer if Ed wouldn't have stepped in and offered us prompt tax filing services. We hadn't filed our previous years tax returns and when the SBA paperwork required us to provide these returns to get financial assistance, my wife and I thought we were completely up the creek without a paddle. Ed was referred to us through a mutual friend and within DAYS he had our returns filed. We really felt like a priority. He graciously reduced his pricing to nothing and on top of that held a fundraiser for our family and 3 other families. I have read some of these reviews on here and I felt compelled to write a review that truly represents the integrity and character this firm holds. People do business with people that they care about and can trust. This is why Ed and his company have all my business!

Review №27

Great company, very informative and professional. Been working with Ed's company for over five years. Highly recommend!

Review №28

They save me so much in taxes every year!! They offer a wide variety of tax planning services, Real State and Law. I do highly recommend this place.

Review №29

Excellent tax tax planning services. Friendly staff and also has great seminars on retirement, tax planning etc

Review №30

Great, financial service company. I recommend them to fill all your investment and retirement needs.

Review №31

Ed has been preparing my taxes since 2014, love him and his team to death!!! Recommend him to all of my friends!!!

Review №32

He was an excellent referral from Dawn Wood I will tell all my friends and neighbors about him!

Review №33

I’ve been working with Ed for over 7 years now and I have experienced nothing but professionalism from the whole team. Not only do they help with tax preparation but they offer a variety of services from financial planning to retirement. Go see ED! 😉

Review №34

Excellent, useable tax info. 3 different meetings per week. Good meal provided. #GoSeeEd

Review №35

Nice of mr. Guerrero to offer all these info. Seminar for free. Great way to help the community. Thanks.

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Review №37

Ed is the best Tax Strategist in San Antonio. Do not hesitate to visit with him. He finds money others leave behide.

Review №38

I was referred to Guerrero‘s office in 2017 whenever the first initial meeting happen I told him I was a new business owner had no clue what I was doing as far as taxes and bookkeeping. He reassured me he could guide me in the right direction. I provided him with all my bank account information email and all passwords. Unfortunately little did I know, that would be the beginning of my nightmare. Nothing was easily accessible as far as our bookkeeping we had to show up at least once a month to get a rundown on our numbers every time we were there we were told we would be put into the system so it would be emailed to us and we never received any emails after about six months of this I got letter from the state tax department stating that they were sending us to collections because our quarterly sales tax had not been filed, so I call Guerrero’s office told him there is no excuse that they need to have everything done I showed up in October and they had not done any bookkeeping for my business for three months but yet they were charging me every single month. Also all of the numbers were completely off when we questioned that they said it was our fault because we never provided bank account information And they had no email contact to send me an email. You would think after 8/9 months of me being a client they would have all that information saved from my prior visits, otherwise how are they charging my account and how are they doing their job for this long without having the information they need I was completely floored when they try to turn it around and make it seem like it was my fault after having a meeting with Guerrero he assured us he can make everything right and he would credit us half of everything we have paid so we agreed. upon returning for the follow up meeting he let us know that he would NOT be refunding us that amount agreed, but he would be crediting our account with him and that we owe them $2000 for our 2016 taxes remind you of this meeting was November 2017 when he told us this. I was so disgusted with how this played out, we told them we were done doing business with them. And then they continue to charge my account for bookkeeping in Jan of 2018 I had to call my bank and have them block those charges, I would NEVER recommend this place to anyone, this has been a complete nightmare that I am still cleaning up to this day. now my new Cpa cannot even get a hold of Ed Guerrero to get our old information. Please avoid ed Guerrero office at all cost. I told Guerrero’s office the last time we met that I was going to write a review on everything that happens and he’s answer was “and I will response to your review.”

Review №39

Ed's very knowledgeable n teaches us how to understand tax strategies!

Review №40

Great guy! Awesome at what he does, I highly recommend him!

Review №41

Ed is an awesome and knowledgeable CPA. He and his staff take the time to train and ahow you how to take the most deductions.

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Review №43

If you need taxes done or just some tax strategies I recommend you go see Ed!

Review №44

It was great. Nice people. He was very informative.

Review №45

Ed and his team make me feel like family. Best CPA in town!

Review №46

This is the best place to get your taxes done because they do tax strategies & tax planning to get you ready for next year! Andrew and Ed are amazing!!!!

Review №47

Ed has always been ready and willing to assist me with my taxes and business questions/concerns. I trust him and he has always proven to be reliable; which is important, being a single mom and business owner. He continues to be professional and friendly and he always gets the job done. Thanks Ed!

Review №48

Go see Ed is right! Save me thousands. Great guy to

Review №49

Highly intelligent, wealth of knowledge and training towards achieving bussiness goals, Good job!

Review №50

Best CPA IN SAN ANTONIO. Fast service. Appointment necessary.

Review №51

Ed is very knowledgeable. Highly recommended!

Review №52

"Go see Ed" he not only does your taxes but gives you more insight on tax strategies and planning.Ed takes it to another level. Definitely not your average CPA. Especially if you run a business, you definitely want to go see this guy.

Review №53

Ed is an awesome Cpa. With plenty of strategies for all tax purposes .

Review №54

Everyone should ask if they are feeding your family or Uncle Sam. Why not do a TAX CHECK UP.Ask Ed and he will look over your tax return and he usually finds money that should be yours. Call Today. I am so glad I did.

Review №55

Guerro is a great cap and helps get the best back on my taxes

Review №56

I am in search of a reputable CPA. With such strong negative reviews here, I'll move unto someone with whom I feel more trusting of.

Review №57

Been with Ed for years. Best cpa in town!

Review №58

Great firm to do your tax returns!!

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Review №60

Fantastic information. Thank you

Review №61

Update: just got a call from them asking if we wanted to come in to do our taxes..... Come on really.Where do I start? First they came highly recommended by a friend of ours. The first meeting was lackluster at best, standard salesman. We told him what we wanted and he said fine we will send you the fee structure. Never once did he advise us on anything. We were looking to drop almost 4k on a LLC, tax prep/strategy, etc. Every single meeting we were pushed to the side by poor scheduling or passed off to one of the other workers. The straw: We went in to prefill out most of the tax items and turn in requested paperwork. The lady we spoke with had one method for calculating our tax but said Ed does it another way and she would have to get with him to see what his said because he was still with a client well into our scheduled time. 2 months passed after a couple emails we had to completely recant the whole story for her to remember what she was supposed to do which surprise she did not do. At that point I emailed her for termination of services. Since 22 Jan I have not heard a peep not even an acknowledgement of my email. Stay away from this company find someone better.

Review №62

Ed and his team are great they have saved me tons of money and are very helpful. Thankyou guys

Review №63

He did very good job with my taxes

Review №64

Awesome CPA and teacher. Highly recommended.

Review №65

I have worked with Ed and Andrew and it has been great! Very helpful to know you have a team working for you!

Review №66

Wonderful staff and the best CPA in Aan Antonio. Go see Ed.

Review №67

Guerrero CPA is life changing. GO SEE ED

Review №68

Love their work and their help with taxes. Thank you Andrew for your attention and hard work!

Review №69

Great tax experience. Great team.

Review №70

Hired him in January to refile for a couple of tax years. He did zero work and missed the deadline in April costing me money. Don’t walk away, run!

Review №71

Ed and his staff is awesome!

Review №72

Always great

Review №73

Very responsive and easy to work with.

Review №74

GREAT CPA FIRM! Thanks for everything you do Ed, will continue to use you personally and for my clients!

Review №75

He has been TAX preparer for 4 yrs, has saved me alot in my TAXES.

Review №76

Ed is giving me info I could never extract out of my previous accountant

Review №77

Great CPA! Go see Ed!

Review №78

I arrived with a pit in my stomache and left with a smile on my face!

Review №79

Excellent at managing your taxes. Best CPA I have ever dealt with!!

Review №80

Wonderful presentation, very informative!

Review №81

I choose Ed to do my taxes this year bc the past years’ taxes have been messed up by previous tax preparers.

Review №82

Not a big fan. We went to him for several years. We always met with him when we brought our paperwork in, but then were shuffled off to one of his people to do the taxes. Last year there were so many mistakes and issues that needed to be re-filed that we were flagged for additional reviews with the IRS. We have since gone to a new CPA who has found quite a few ways we could have been saving money. Pretty frustrating.

Review №83

A complete scam. Also stay away from his Pyramid scheme Vizcation!!!

Review №84

Outstanding cpa!

Review №85

Ed is the best Tax Strategist in town!!!!

Review №86

This CPA will charge you 900 to set up a LLC, then try and set up more LLC's at 900 each one. He has 15 and so can you making him 13,500, if you do it too. He then charges you 900 for each llc taxes prepared and 150 for each a w-2. You still have to do your personal and that's another 525. He also tries to sell life insurance and 350 to learn QuickBooks. 275 for accounting services. Just open your wallet and give him your money. Most attorneys charge 900 for the first LLC and a discount on all the following LLC's. He is not an Attorney and charges more than one would for the LLC.

Review №87

Outstanding Service!

Review №88

Great CPA services in San Antonio

Review №89

They are the best!!

Review №90

Very helpful!!

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